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Support with daily life

Support for

Starting with the various procedures required after they enter the country, we offer students a range of support for living in Japan, to help them enjoy everyday life free from worry.

Procedures on entering Japan

Notification of residence

Notification of residence is done at the city or ward office where the student lives, within 14 days after entering the country. Procedures are also required if the residence changes, for example as a result of moving house.

Enrollment in the national health insurance system

It is mandatory for medium- and long-term international students to enroll in the national health insurance system. When they are treated at a hospital for an injury, sickness, etc., 70% of the cost will be covered by the insurance.

Enrollment in the national pension system

All persons aged 20 years and over enroll. However, students are exempt from paying the premiums, so the procedure for this will also be carried out.

Creating personal seals

In Japan, personal seals are used instead of signatures when doing things like opening a bank account or entering into contracts. We will provide support for creating one.

Opening a bank account

A bank account is required for things like receiving wages for part-time work and paying public utility charges by direct debit. We will provide support with the procedure for opening a bank account.

Help with finding part-time work

AFLS provides recruitment information about part-time work for students. We conduct direct interviews with students who want one, and introduce part-time positions that fit what they are looking for.

Accompaniment to hospital examinations

If students are going to go to hospital because they are sick, etc. and will find it difficult to see the doctor on their own, a member of staff will accompany them to the hospital.

Rules for living in Japan

In addition, AFLS also supports students by explaining about the general rules and customs people observe in Japan, such as traffic rules, handling personal information, and how to put out the trash.
Information on rules for living in Japan can be found here