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Greetings from AFLS


Develop international students who can play active roles domestically and overseas.Thorough support for realizing dreams

Aichi University of Technology Foreign Language School (AFLS) was established in 1952 as a member of DENPA Educational Institutions. DENPA Educational Institutions is the largest comprehensive institution of its kind in western Japan, with a total number of graduates exceeding 189,000. Its sister schools include one university, one junior college, one high school and eight vocational schools.
In response to the global society, and in order to develop human resources who can play active roles in various countries around the world, AFLS is meeting international students’ needs through a better environment and richer educational content. Detailed student guidance is provided for each student, based on a class teacher system and a rich curriculum design. Courses are offered not only for studying Japanese, but other subjects as well, such as mathematics and contemporary social studies. Full support is also provided for university entrance examinations and employment examinations.
AFLS’s enhanced range of facilities—including a Library, Student union building, Multipurpose hall and Infirmary Room—enables students to learn in a rich educational environment. Dormitory accommodation (with one person per room) exclusively for international students is fully provided a one-minute or five-minute walk from the school, and full support for everyday life is also available.
Moreover, after studying Japanese at AFLS, students will have the option to continue on to the graduate school, university, junior college, or vocational school of their choice. Preferential enrollment in a sister school is also possible, with advantages such as special discounts on enrollment fees.
With the progress of globalization and the Spread of IoT(Internet of Things), DX(Digital transformation) and so on, opportunities for international students to play active roles are expanding throughout the world. AFLS will continue to strive ever harder to provide a rich education, so that international students who have graduated from this school can go on to become valuable human resources who will connect the world, and contribute to society. We would like to ask for everyone’s support.