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Guidance for further education Track record for careers after graduation

Track record for careers after graduation

Track record and support for careers after graduation

Through further-education preparation and personal guidance, we help clarify what kind of work the students want to aim for, and decide which school they want to study at next. After that, we proceed with support such as correcting application documents and giving interview guidance, to help them get into their school of choice.

Further-education preparation (Career design)

This class is incorporated into the curriculum that starts in the second year. Students get help with creating a vision for their future by understanding the significance of working in Japan and cultivating a career-oriented perspective.

  • Further-education preparation (Career design)
  • Further-education preparation (Career design)

Personal guidance

Time is provided outside of class for individual consultations with each student. The students decide on suitable career paths and further-education options in view of their circumstances and what they want to do.

  • Personal guidance
  • Personal guidance

Track record for careers

Graduate schools / universities

Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School, Nagoya City University Graduate School, Aichi University Graduate School, Gifu University Graduate School, Toyama University Graduate School, Kagoshima University Graduate School, Ryukyu University Graduate School, Hokkaido University Graduate School, Ritsumeikan University, Kinki University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, Ryukoku University, Aichi Prefectural University, Nagoya City University, Chukyo University, Aichi University, Nagoya Gakuin University, Aichi University of Technology, Seijoh University, Nagoya University of Economics, Yokkaichi University, Aichi Sangyo University, Toyo University, Tama University, Meikai University, etc.

Vocational schools

Nagoya Kougakuin College of Technology, Aichi Business College, Tokai Polytechnic College Kanayama, Nagoya College of Foreign Languages, Aichi College of Well-being and Rehabilitation, College of Naka-Nippon Aviation, Nissan Automobile Technical College, Nagoya Institute of Tourism, ELIC Business and Public Officer College, Shin Tokyo Dental Technician School, etc.