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Messages from alumni

Here, we share some messages from alumni who made what they learned at AFLS into the strength to take another step toward their dreams.

China China

潘琪 Pan Qi

Went on to study at:Chukyo University School of International Liberal Studies


A great thing about AFLS is the wide range of support you get to help you prepare for life in Japan

Tell us what made you decide to study in Japan.

I had felt an affinity for Japan and a longing to go there ever since I was little, because my father would often go there on business, and I had an aunt who was married to a Japanese man. I decided to study in Japan when I graduated from high school. My aunt also recommended it.

Tell us about what makes the academic support at AFLS so great.

AFLS introduced me to the perfect university to suit my ability and academic interests. Thanks to the repeated guidance I received, including correcting my application statement and giving me interview practice, I was able to take the entrance examination with confidence, and pass it without any problems.

Tell us about your dream for the future.

I want to be a someone who acts as a bridge between Japan and China, and play an active role on the international stage. I am now majoring in International Liberal Studies and learning several languages at university, in order to develop my ability to think about international issues and understand different cultures—skills I will need in the future.

Please give us a message for all AFLS’s future students!

Think seriously about your future career while you’re studying in Japan. Having a clear goal will help you study with passion, too. Open the path to your future while feeling the culture of Japan.

China China

張星培 Zhang Xingpei

Went on to study at:Graduate Department of International Communication, Aichi University Graduate School

Went on to work at:CROPS CORPORATION


Individually tailored guidance was the driving force that made my dream come true

Tell us why you decided to study Japanese at AFLS.

Before starting at AFLS, I had been there on a short study-abroad program, and had gotten a great impression of it. That’s why I decided to study there. I was particularly attracted by the strong sense of responsibility the teachers had toward Japanese education. I felt it was a school where I would be able to study Japanese free from worry.

Tell us what you thought was good about AFLS after you started there.

I really liked the fact that I could get diligent, careful guidance from the teachers. I think the fact I passed N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test six months after starting at AFLS was also thanks to all the guidance I got from the teachers. For the last six months before graduation, the school also offers career guidance tailored to each individual’s needs.

Tell us why you wanted to go on to study at graduate school.

That was because I wanted to broaden my perspective and enhance my problem solving ability—something which would be useful in society. In my case, I had already gotten a job by the time I graduated, so now I spend my days juggling work with studying at graduate school.

Please give us a message for all AFLS’s future students!

I don’t think there are any other schools that get this close to their students. It is an environment where everyone can become strong in Japanese as long as they have the will. Everyone should get to see their dreams come true if they keep making an effort day after day.

Viet Nam Viet Nam

Luu Thi Kim Huyen

Went on to study at:Aichi Business College

Luu Thi Kim Huyen

I found my vision for my future while learning with my classmates

Tell us what you thought was good about AFLS after you started there.

The teachers gave kind support to each and every student. If asked for help, they were always kind,
correcting our homework, coming along to help during speech practice, and so on.

Tell us about something that happened at school.

The whole school felt like home, and the people in class always supported each other. Once I was able to converse in everyday Japanese, I had more chances to talk with the students around me, and was able to make friends from various countries. That was a great memory.

Tell us about your dream for the future.

I think I’d like to get a job related to interpreting in the future. I went on to study at a vocational school in order to improve my Japanese ability further and gain expert knowledge that I can use at work. I’m also aiming to acquire qualifications that will be useful in the future.

Please give us a message for all AFLS’s future students!

If you come to study at this school, you should definitely be able to find your vision for your future in Japan. Some things will be difficult, too, like the change of environment, but please use the school’s support as much as possible, and build up valuable experience in Japan.