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current students

Messages from current students

Messages from current students

Here, we share some messages from current students who are enjoying fulfilling school lives through the wide range of support AFLS provides.

  • China China


    Jin Heyan


    My future dream has become clear thanks to the career guidance

    I came to AFLS because I wanted to go to graduate school in Japan, which has a developed economy. Besides giving me support with preparing to take entrance examinations for graduate school, AFLS also gives me guidance to help me choose my future career. This means I can focus on studying to achieve my goals.

  • China China


    Zhou yi


    I can pursue my dream with peace of mind thanks to the thorough support AFLS provides

    I want to learn about economics in Japan, and work at a bank in the future. Besides the classes I have every day, I also get support with daily life and guidance for going on to university. This enables me to pursue my dream with peace of mind.

  • Vietnam Vietnam

    Nguyen Quoc
    Khuong Duy

    Nguyen Quoc <br>Khuong Duy

    I learn Japanese steadily through the optimal study plan

    I came to AFLS because an acquaintance in Japan recommended it to me as a school where I’d be able to enjoy comfortable student life in the ideal learning environment. I am always able to get the right study guidance for me, because the teachers understand each student’s level of ability.

  • Nepal Nepal

    Adikali Man

    Adikali Man <br>Kumari

    The support with various aspects of daily life is very reassuring

    I’m really grateful for the wide range of support with everyday life, starting with the immigration procedures when I arrived. Thanks to that, I have settled into life in Japan, and can now focus on studying Japanese to achieve my dream.

  • Brazil Brazil

    Susuki Renan
    Eitt Saito

    Susuki Renan  <br>Eitt Saito

    Another great thing about AFLS is all the chances you get to interact with the students around you

    I’ve been living in Japan for a long time, but decided to study Japanese some more because I’m aiming to go to university. My perspective has widened through interacting with students from various countries.

  • Indonesia Indonesia

    Handini Retno

    Handini Retno

    I can study Japanese while feeling at home

    The atmosphere in my class is amazing, and it’s a really comfortable environment to learn in. We all study together even after class, or get extra explanations from the teacher. The whole class has united to enhance our Japanese skills and follow our dreams.