Tuition Fees and scholarships

■ Fees
Japanese language Early session (2 years)
Year Deadline Entrance fee Course fee Equipment fee Year total Grand total
With the application 80,000 600,000 50,000 730,000 1,380,000
2nd March 31 / 600,000 50,000 650,000

■ Japanese language Late session (1.5 year)
Year Deadline Entrance fee Course fee Equipment fee Year total Grand total
With the application 80,000 600,000 50,000 730,000 1,055,000
2nd September 30 / 300,000 25,000 325,000

■ Other fees
School fee 20,000/ Year
Deposit 10,000/ Year

・School Fee(Annual Amount) are used to organize different events, field trips and as an accident insurance.The Early session students pay again 20,000 on next March for the coming year.The Late session students pay 10,000 on next September for the coming half of year.

※Please note that we will not refund any fee (except for the aforesaid deposit surplus) once the school year started, and this even in case of withdrawal.

■ Instructions about the application file
 1. Documents requested to submit differ whether the applicant in residing overseas or in Japan.
 2. As corrections or additions to your file might be necessary and thus the application process be longer than expected, we strongly.recommend to make sure you leave a reasonable amount of time between your application date and deadline.
 3. In case of a mistake, do not use correcting fluid: cross out the error with a double line and stamp it with your personal seal if you have one.
 4. All documents in languages other than Japanese must be accompanied by an accurate translation in Japanese or in English.
 5. Unless otherwise indicated, the documents must be printed on regular A4 size paper.
 6. All information (especially birthdate, school entrance/graduation dates, recruitment/resignation dates) indicated in the form should match that on the other provided documents.
 7. Except for the graduation certificate and the JLPT certificate, we will not return any documents from your file. We strongly recommend keeping copies of the documents before submitting.
 8. Even in case of admittance in our school, entrance will not be possible without a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status delivered by the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau. Moreover, after receiving the certificated of eligibility, a student visa must be issued by the Japanese consulate or embassy of the applicant’s country prior to the beginning of the program.
 9. We will process the applications in order of reception and close the applications once the maximum number of admissions is reached. All application files submitted after that will be rejected and fully returned.

■ About the application form
 1. The “Reasons for applying” section of the resume must feature your motivations to study in Japan according to your educational.background, working profile, interests and future projects. Be specific: reasons too vague or abstract such as “promoting cultural exchanges "will not be considered valid. The motivation letter can be written in Japanese, Chinese or English.
 2. If you guarantor is not your parent and/or is residing in Japan, please have them explaining precisely the reasons why he/she chose to inancially support you until your graduation (circumstances and reasons of this choice, and their relationship with you). We will require a legitimate and consistent proof of this relationship. Being a simple friend or an acquaintance will not suffice as an explanation.
 3. The bank account balance certificate must feature a sufficient amount (regardless of the currency) available to be sent to Japan.
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