Cortez Ryan Calatero
Nationality: Philippines

I came from Republic of the Philippines, the country where they don`t use Chinese characters. I study very hard every day by attending to extra lesson in addition to scheduled classes. I think I made a right choice of the school.

Nguyen Thi Hoang Truc
Nationality: Vietnam

I came from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I wish to study the Japanese language and attend to a sister school of the AUT Group that enjoy high employment rate. I would like to work for a Japanese company.

Rizal Basani Firdaus
Nationality: Indonesia

I came from Indonesia. I have made friends from various countries through the common Japanese language. I live very happy school life.

Anqi Lu
Nationality: China

I came from Shanghai. I arrived in Japan in April. In our school, we have Japanese classes in the morning, and extra classes in the afternoon to help us entering Japanese universities after graduation. I want to apply for a public university, so I chose the optional English classes. I will study hard, put in my best effort to make my dreams come true.

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