Introduction of Educational Foundation Denpa Gakuen of the Aichi University of Technology Group

◎Features of Educational Foundation Denpa Gakuen of the Aichi University of Technology Group
Founded in 1952, Educational Foundation Denpa Gakuen of the Aichi University of Technology Group is the largest in western Japan with more than 16.4 thousand graduates. We have 13 sister schools: one graduate school, one university, one junior college, one high school, eight colleges and one Japanese language school. We have long conducted educational activities under the spirit of our group, “Fostering of human resources with knowledge, technology and personality which society admires, and contribution to science and technology and Japanese culture improving wisdom and the diligent character of Japanese people. Many of our graduates work overseas and in Japan as well. Education within the university group always puts the student first. We think of our students not as members of a large student body, but 100 percent as individuals. By stretching the potential of each individual, we aim to produce the people that will be welcomed into society.
 ◎Carefully tailored guidance from personal tutors
Because the Aichi University of Technology Group has more full-time teaching staff than the number of lecturers required, it is able to provide each student with a personal tutor. This system enables students to receive more carefully tailored guidance and has proved hugely successful in boosting the proportion of students obtaining difficult qualifications and finding jobs.
 ◎Education-related meetings held
Meetings with parents and guardians are held each year at 15 locations within Japan. By having our teaching staff head out to different regions to talk about students’ studies and their day-to-day lives, we aim to put parents’ and guardians’ minds at rest. We therefore establish a triangle involving the student, their parents or guardians, and their personal tutor to ensure that students choose paths that match their abilities and aspirations.
 ◎The kind of career guidance that can only be offered by a full-service educational group
We provide career advice that takes into account a variety of factors, such as the personality and academic ability of the student, the qualifications they have obtained, and the views of their parents or guardians. we use the school’s data on companies to recommend the most suitable companies for the student.

Aichi University of Technology
Image50-2 Umanori Nishihasama-cho Gamagori, Aichi 443-0047 Japan
Sharpening minds, improving skills, and fulfilling dreams

Graduate School of Engineering: Department of Systems Engineering (doctoral and post-doctoral courses)
Faculty of Engineering: mechanical systems, electronic control, robotics, information media

Aichi University of Technology Automotive Junior College
Image50-2 Umanori Nishihasama-cho Gamagori, Aichi 443-0047 Japan
Helping students fulfill their dreams of becoming vehicle mechanics

Department of Automotive Engineering: Gasoline Vehicle Mechanic Level 2, Diesel Vehicle Mechanic Level 2

Nagoya Kougakuin College
Image4-7-21 Jingu Atsuta-ku Nagoya, Aichi 456-0031 Japan
Confidence in helping students obtain qualifications, secure jobs, and put their skills into practice: a seriously good college

Computers, IT, video games, CG, video, audio, electricity, electronics, telecommunications, digital appliances, machinery, robotics, CAD

Tokai Polytechnic College Kanayama
Image2-7-19 Kanayama Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi 460-0022 Japan
3,008 students qualified as Level 2 Architects for the past 28 years Students can also obtain Registered Surveyor or Registered Assistant Surveyor qualifications without taking an examination.

Architectural design, building equipment, construction, carpentry, interior design, natural environment, landscape gardening, public works, surveying

Aichi Zokei Design College
Image4-10-7 Imaike Chikusa-ku Nagoya, Aichi 464-8616 Japan
Students boost their abilities by producing work jointly with partner companies.
Numerous students have won prizes at various exhibitions and in various competitions.

Graphics, advertising, CG, Web design, production, illustration, picture books, manga, art, general goods, accessories

Aichi Business College
Image2-13-28 Iseyama Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi 460-0026 Japan
A school that provides answers Numerous events enable students to enjoy a fulfilling life on campus.

Medical secretarial work, medical administration, medical computing, registered seller of pharmaceuticals, sales staff, service staff, IT business, office work

Aichi College of Welfare and Medicine
Image1-7-13 Kanayama-cho Atsuta-ku Nagoya, Aichi 456-0002 Japan
Campus just a one-minute walk to the south from Kanayama Station Training welfare and medical workers who possess compassion and intelligence

Nursing care and welfare, mental health and welfare, physiotherapy, occupational therapy

Aichi Information College
Image1-6 Sekiya-cho Toyohashi, Aichi 440-0891 Japan
A school that carefully develops each student

Programmers, systems engineers, instructors, Web designers, network engineers, security engineers, public servants

Nagoya College of Foreign Languages
Image5-24-4 Imaike Chikusa-ku Nagoya, Aichi 464-0850 Japan
Graduates have become flight attendants for every year for the last eight years. Pride in our excellent track record of offering graduates secure jobs in various different business sectors

Flight attendants, ground staff, bridal business, hotels, English, Chinese, French, teaching English to children, travel business, railroads, entering university

Tokai Polytechnic College Atsuta
Image19-14 Hanaomote-cho Atsuta-ku Nagoya, Aichi 456-0033 Japan
In most years, there are over 10 jobs available for each job seeker. Students seize their dreams with ability and enthusiasm.

Advanced courses: machinery and architecture

Gifu-Kokusai High School
Image3-9 Hashimoto-cho Gifu, Gifu 500-8856 Japan
Step into a new world. Discover your future self.

Correspondence courses that offer credits in general studies

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