About Aichi University of Technology Foreign Language School

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Aichi University of Technology Foreign Language School, as part of Educational Foundation Denpa Gakuen of the Aichi University of Technology Group, was founded in 1952, which is the largest comprehensive class in western Japan with approximately 176,000 graduates. Our sister school consists of one graduate school, one university, one junior college, one high school and 8 vocational schools.

Our school is accredited by Bureau of Immigration. In addition to that, outstanding students from public institutions may be granted financial aid for their studies.

Our school adopts homeroom class system but we are able to provide personal tutoring to every student with the help of our excellent lecturers and well-enhanced curriculum.

Aside from Japanese language class, we also offer supplementary lessons such as English, Math, Science classes in preparation for university exam or employment exam.

Furthermore, the academy also holds various events with other Japanese students to be able to learn more about the Japanese culture and traditions.

Perfect for learning environment, our spacious school is complete with audio-visual room, computer room, library, student hall, and other facilities.

Moreover, fully-furnished single occupancy dorm-style rooms are available 5mins away from the school. School staff is also residing as a Resident Advisor.

Compared to Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya is a safe place and has cheaper commodities. Also, it is a commercial city wherein students can easily find part-time job.

Students with Level 2 or higher certification from Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) will be prioritized in transferring to any of the sister schools of AIT Group. In this case, students will have the privilege for tuition fee reduction.

Aside from that, graduates can transfer to any of the designated schools such as Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School, Nagoya University, Aichi University, Meijo University, Nihon University, and so on.

After graduation, there will be an assistance in finding employment.

More than half of our international students were encouraged to enrol in this school bys former graduates. This is a testament of the trust that has given by the students and their guardians.

In preparation for a long-term course study abroad, the school offers short courses, from a week to 3-week program which includes sit-in class, dormitory-life, Japan culture experience and more.

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